Ecuador Slang 102- 10 More ways to sound like a local


Already know Spanish but want to learn the -isms? Sigue no más! (Look no further!) I am here to teach you to be “más cuencano que el mote!” If you didn’t ser Ecuador slang 101, check that out first.

  • Man- dude or woman. Cuencanos use the English term man to mean dude/dudette. “Ese man se ve como una man!” That dude looks like a chick!
  • Tipo- dude, again but only used for men.
  • Que hay de novedades? What’s new?
  • osea….space filler, I mean, that is…
  • mishi- Quechua for cat, ojos mishis- cat eyes
  • pana- best bud
  • acolitar- help out (by giving or doing something for free for a friend (Te acolito con tu sitio red)
  • cachar- to get it/ understand (cachas? Do you get it?)
  • Que bestia! The maximum! This can be positive or negative, ie Que bestia como canta, suena como gato muriendo!)
  • chuta!- Good heavens!
  • Soy más cuencano(a) que el mote!-I am more Cuencano than the mote(huge corn kernels typical of Cuenca!) Guaranteed to get a laugh if you say it with decision! Flash your cedula if you’re a permanent resident for brownie points
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