A visit to the dentist in Cuenca


I have this awful horror story about my first dental visit in Ecuador.

You see, what happened is the visit was pretty much exactly like in the US, and horror of all horrors…I found myself with very little to nothing to blog about!

The office was clean, bright and well decorated, the dentist spoke reasonable English, picked away at the calcified mote-cuy-almuerzo plaques that had accumulated along my gums, polished away with some yummy mediciny tooth polish and sent me on my way. There was a gringo in the chair next to me getting a crown, calmly, without screaming or anything.

No dental insurance, no medical insurance, and I paid $35 out of pocket. She also quoted me $70 for a retainer, something my San Francisco orthodontist had quoted me $700.

I don’t know why I expected rusty picks, medieval torture instruments and rats scurrying across the floor, but now I’m seriously starting to question why US healthcare and dental care is so brainnumbingly complicated and expensive to boot. Now you see what a boring blog post this has made? And I’ll leave you at that.



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