Biblian’s cathedral & a magic food disappearing act



Biblian’s Cathedral/School if Wizardry

Think Hogwarts new branch of wizarding schools in Ecuador, complete with endless variety of oddly angled staircases made of rock. Built into the side of the mountain, the main chamber has one wall of sheer rock, and the rest of the room built around the mountain, all the better defense against the forces of he who shall not be named. It is invisible to gringos since its located outside the historical center of Cuenca.

Biblian Home Visit-Magic food disappearing act

So my friend invited me to his Ecuadorean muggle parent’s house. We sat around the table, ate a typical meal consisting of huge pile of carbs, topped with carbs, with a side of carbs, and a delicious beverage of carbs (i.e rice, beans, and mote with hot chocolate). Actually it was pretty yummy, I’m just being a typical Caliornian carbophobic snob, that being said, I do like my veggies. And OK, I got a hardboiled egg on the side. We sat around and I met his uncle, his brother, his dad and mom, his brother’s wife and their kid, and we watched horrible American TV dubbed in English (Home Alone 2), while they Facebooked-away on their Blackberries. It’s like the US, but 10 years ago. And when mom wasn’t looking, having learned a thing or two at Ecuador’s School of Wizardry, I was magically able make half my food “disappear” and reappear onto my friend’s plate, because as etiquette dictates, you must eat, and you must eat everything.

The town of Biblian

Biblian is a small town with a livestock market on Saturdays. It is surprisingly well-known in Ecuador for having a lot of wrestlers, and if you judge a town’s values by the size of its buildings, the wrestling gymnasium is only second to the church. Direct buses run from Cuenca’s bus terminal.



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