Cojitambo – Like Ingapirca but with more creepy ghosts


So you want to see ancient Incan ruins? 20 gazillion tour agencies in town will sell you a guided tour to Ingapirca. Yes, ok, that’s pretty cool, but if you want more off the beaten path, go to Cojitambo! Huh?


Cojitambo is a small mountain and town in the Cañar province. The bluish gray rocks of the mountain were used to build the church in the center of town. At the base of Cojitambo you’ll see lots of little houses surrounded by lush green fields, happy chickens wandering around, sheep, cows, and dogs half asleep. Ahhhh, the good life. The ruins of Cojitambo are of Incan origin, and you can see walls outlining what used to be rooms and a circle of rocks still used for ceremonies.

Cojitambo Legends

The legend is that Cojitambo was an enchanted/haunted church turned into a mountain. Once, a lost traveler once found himself in a cave in the mountain, where he saw countless treasures. Upon grabbing one of them and attempting to exit, a dog growled menacingly, so he put it down and ran his ass out of there! And that sometimes the random lost traveler can still hear the church bells. This is my rough translation of the stories my unofficial tour guide told me (a cuencano originally from Biblian).

The hike

If you want a bit of a hike, climb to the top of the mountain, and see if you can’t hear the church bells…spooky!!! But seriously, there’s a great view of Azogues on one side, and Biblian on the other that’s worth the climb. It’s neat to see the patchwork of farms stretching into the horizon, with lots of families living in the utmost tranquilidad. The top is a great place for meditation, a picnic, or a ghost sighting. After resting, taking in the scenery, and descending back down to the main road, see if you can hike to Biblian (1.5 hrs). I don’t know how to explain the roads well, but ask the locals if your spanish is up to par, or else take a taxi. And don’t blame me if you get lost, I told you to take a taxi if your Spanish is bad.

Getting There

To get there, take the bus from the Cuenca Terminal Terrestre to Azogues’s bus terminal (30 minutes). Then take the bus to Deleg and ask to get off at Cojitambo.

Ceremonial circle at Cojitambo



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