Exciting news – my upcoming travel guidebook

Moon Travel is part of Avalon Travel, based in Berkeley

I have been keeping my lips sealed until the contract was signed. Now that everything is final, I can announce officially that….

I signed a book contract with Moon Travel!

I will be writing the 2nd edition of the Moon Galapagos Islands travel guidebook.
Moon Travel is part of Avalon Travel, based in Berkeley

Moon Travel is part of Avalon Travel, based in Berkeley

Due to the hard work of the first author, Ben Westwood, I have the first edition as a starting point. I will be adding to the book, updating, and reorganizing the information to make it my own. As the principal travel blogger for Red Mangrove Galapagos Lodges, I frequently have people asking me for travel advice about the Galapagos Islands – when to go, what to see, how to travel. Now I have the opportunity to tell the public about the my favorite sights, hotels, restaurants, and travel tips for one of my favorite destinations of all time.

Why Moon Travel? I am very excited to work with Moon Travel (part of Avalon Travel, based in Berkeley, California). Overall I liked their travel philosophy and the detail and organization of their books. They seemed to pride themselves on hiring writers with deep knowledge and passion for the destinations they cover.

How I started travel writing

For anyone looking to do the same, there are no secrets to becoming a travel guidebook writer. You have to start writing. I started with this blog (www.cuencacultureshock.com). I started reading other travel blogs about Ecuador (GringosAbroad, SouthofZero, and Ecuador George).

After a while writing, and with a kind referral from GringosAbroad, I was hired by an Ecuadorian company to write about the Galapagos (Red Mangrove). I greatly enjoyed my trips there. I visited the Galapagos Islands with my family, and on my own. I went in dry season and rainy season. I traveled on an organized tour, and independently. No matter what, I always had a fantastic time.

Becoming a Moon Travel guidebook writer

Simple…I applied online. I was looking through the job postings on craigslist more as a joke, seeing what “Work from home and earn thousands” listings there were in Spanish when the listing caught my eye. I applied through the listing, and of course, my past experience travelling in the region of interest and living in the country of Ecuador made my application stand out.

After passing the telephone interview, I was invited to submit a full proposal. The proposal was 20 pages long, and took me several days of being holed-up in my apartment to write. The hardest part of the proposal was writing what I would want to add or change about the book – making sure the book would cover what I would tell my best friend about travelling to the Galapagos.

What’s next

I am planning my research in the Galapagos Islands now and I will be staying there an extended time for research. I anticipate the book will be out sometime in 2015.

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A marine iguana in the Galaagos

A marine iguana in the Galaagos

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