NOT lost in translation – yuppie dating in Cuenca

As a single San Franciscan I have been in my fair share of dates in the last two years. As an exaggerated generalization, the typical San Francisco yuppie date is dinner with a software engineer, banker, accountant where we talk about life, hobbies, education (brownie points for advanced degrees), materialistic stuff and travel experiences (as far as they construe status ) so that we could determine whether or not the sum total of each others assets (looks, money, and future prospective money) were worthy enough. I didn’t take this trip to find a boyfriend but I figured I’d see what romantic prospects the world outside the US had as well.

My first date outside the US was as follows…On a shared van service to Cuenca a handsome stranger started talking to me in Spanish. We went out to dinner at a nice restaurant – beautiful fresh salad overlooking the old cathedral in Parque Calderon, bar hopping and dancing. The gentlemen in question was from Guayaquil Ecuador but rather astonishingly similar to his American counterparts. He pulled out chairs, opened doors and ‘impressed ‘ me with the stories of his business travel, the house he bought, his export import logistics sales team (zzzzzz), and a rather detailed account of the average salaries ($400 per month) in Ecuador compared to his sales teams'($1000-$2000 per month) and tried very hard to go home with me at the end of the night.

Different? Aside from the language not so much! I am now using, as far as I can tell the most popular dating site in Ecuador and the messages literally pour in. A very low supply of Asian women here plus internationally high demand perhaps will lead to better prospects for me.

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  1. J. says:

    Good luck Lisa!

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