An Ecuadorian shouting match – Soccer in Cuenca

Go Deportivo Cuenca!

If you would like to see normally mild-mannered Ecuadorians at their loudest, rowdiest, and most passionate, there is nowhere better to go than a soccer game.I have lived in Cuenca for two years, and only recently gone to the Jefferson Perez Stadium. I was definitely missing out. Soccer is a as essential to the Cuencanos as roasted cuy. But unlike the cuy, the soccer matches will leave you with a delicious aftertaste of city pride. Ostensibly, the competition is to see who has the best soccer team, but the more fun competition is to see whose fans yell the loudest.  Have you been?

When to go

Cuenca’s team is Cuenca Deportivo, and they play in the highest league “A” in Ecuador, along with several teams from Guayaquil, Quito, Manta, and Ambato.

The best game to go watch is Cuenca versus Guayaquil, where you can see the famous mountains vs coast rivalry. According to old stereotypes, Guayaquilenos and the people who live on the coast “monos” are lazy disorganized partiers, while Cuencanos and Quitenos and other people of the Sierras (I guess that’s me!) are boring, stuffy religious nuts. Since Guayaquil is only a 3 hour drive away from Cuenca, vans full of Guayaquil fans pour into the city. You can see them swarming the downtown in masses of brightly-colored jerseys after the game too.

It is, however, not very much fun when the “party” away city is louder and more obnoxious than your own city. So if you go, root for Cuenca and make sure to yell LOUD!

Go Deportivo Cuenca!

Go Deportivo Cuenca!

Obnoxious things to yell during the game

These are actual things that people shout, particularly at the opposing team and goalie.

  • “Muevate cachetón!” Mooooove, chubby-cheeks! (translation by a Ecuadorian-friend)
  • “Acoste con tu mama!” – I slept with your mother!
  • Any other ideas are welcome in comments….

For the less obnoxious, you can yell “Vamos Cuenca” or bring a blow horn.

Delicious tailgating specialties to eat

Vendors come in with delicious seafood cheap greasy seafood stalls. You can get encocao de pescado (coconut fish) with rice, or my personal favorite – encebollado (onion-tuna-yucca soup). Most of the vendors are from Guayaquil, though. Note that I neither support nor condone supporting the away team (and their delicious seafood specialties).

Guayaquil's fans dressed in yellow

Guayaquil’s fans dressed in yellow…boooo!

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