Punishment by chocolate – studying at the University of Cuenca

The price of being late or ballet classes
The price of being late or ballet classes

The price of being late or ballet classes

It’s freezing cold now (aka achachaiiii!) and my legs are killing me, but nonetheless I am went to the store right now to buy a chocolate that’s not even for me, because I’m on a diet ( sad pouty face ).
You see, the chocolate is for my crazy-strict ballet instructor at the University of Cuenca. I have to bring it for him at the next class as my punishment for not wearing my hair in a neat enough bun (Sucks having layers!).  Oh, and why am I on a diet? Because said ballet instructor told me to lose the gut. OK, fair enough – I guess time to substitute some juices from El Mercado for the steak from La Esquina. My personal theory is that the intended punishment is not the cost of the chocolate but rather the day during which I will certainly salivate over it but not be able to eat it.

I take advanced ballet classes there 5 times a week, for 1.5 hours a day. The odd thing is, I just now discovered that a certain subset of the University of Cuenca’s classes are auditable. Meaning…I did not take Ecuador’s standardized college entrance exam (which I’d more than likely fail due to non-native Spanish abilities). I walked around the campus, inquired with some of the students who happened to be dancing in the quad, and voila! I inquired at the matriculation office, they didn’t have a complete list of such auditable classes, but said that the classes generally fall into the language category (French, Mandarin, Italian classes anyone?), physical education (i.e. dance), and some of the more hobby oriented classes (photography). You go to the central office for directions and obtain further details at the faculty office for each department.

The cost of this class is $40 per month, not bad for 30 hours of instruction. Although of course, by contrast if I were a university student it would be free, but I won’t complain about the cost – about the mandatory slicked-back hair bun or punishment by chocolate, I might just complain a little.

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2 Responses to "Punishment by chocolate – studying at the University of Cuenca"
  1. Anonymous says:

    Great story – Muchas Gracias 😉

  2. Taylor Gerst says:

    Hello there! I will be studying in Cuenca in the Spring and need to take a dance class for my dance minor at my college in Portland, Oregon. I was curious if I can do something in advance with the University to ensure I can take the class? Thank you for this article! Very entertaining and informational. :)

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